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Pilates of New Paltz, has been open since 1995, our staff has decades of training in both authentic Pilates, innovative Pilates, and various other movement modalities. We offer all types of classes in a warm and supportive atmosphere that both nurtures and challenges each individual, informed by our knowledge of physiology and body mechanics. Make your body a better place to live!

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  • Build a new body!

4 Private Session Intro Package

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Pilates Benefits

  • More aligned and supported posture
  • Increased flexibility and joint range of motion
  • Development of core strength and stability
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Relief from joint pain
  • A phenomenal sense of well being!

Group Reformer Classes

We recommend the completion of our intro package of 4 private sessions before students move into the group sessions to allow for time for the instructor to fully assess each person's needs and for each individual to gain a comfortable familiarity with the unique approach to the basic principals of the Pilates Method.

Our group reformer classes are set-up at either "duets" or "trios", with placement of individuals in the classes at the discretion of the instructor and with consideration of participants own work/life schedule. We make every attempt to keep participants with similar needs and abilities together to allow for the most challenging and safest workout for all. These sessions generally may include work on the Universal Reformer, barrels, "wunda" chairs, tower units, mats, etc. Each exercise is carefully instructed and monitored for the best Pilates practice. Sessions are offered 6 days a week.

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(New Paltz)

"Elaine, Elise, and the staff at Pilates of New Paltz are wonderful instructors-supportive, knowledgeable, and delightful. I’ve been coming for 10 years and it’s a bright spot in every week."


(New Paltz)

"Pilates feels like an integral part of my life at every stage. I t helped me balance things out when carrying a heavy infant challenged my lover back. Pilates optimized y core during my second pregnancy. Pilates helps me strengthen my uscles habituated to computer posture. And being able to age into this next phase of life with Pilates stretches and exercises feels like the greatest, empowering gift I can offer my baby. Thank you Pilates of New Paltz!"


(Stone Ridge)

"I joined Pilates in March of 2011 and there has been no turning back!! I take three various classes a week and Love, Love, Love it. Pilates of New Paltz is a clean, comfortable environment to work out in with, I believe, the best Pilates instructors in the area. They are fastidious in providing a good, SAFE workout with proper form. There’s nothing like it, and if you are injured you need to come and let them rehabilitate you by strengthening your core and teaching you how to use it in everyday living. The best benefit…my body is transformed!!!"



"From the time I was a little girl, I was always a "sporty model". I played many team and individual sports both recreationally and competitively, excelling in ultra-endurance events. It started with swimming, later cross-country skiing, but truly took off in mountain bike racing. By my late 40's I as competing at the National and World level in three disciplines on the bike-and winning many titles. There was a price to pay: as the abuse to my body piled on I had to stop after 15 years. Then I discovered my salvation…PILATES! I've been a regular for probably a dozen years now. Addicted would be more accurate, working out at least once a week. I love working with different instructors(Pilates of New Paltz has 4 amazing instructors). My body and mind responds best to the variety. I started and stayed with Pilates of New Paltz throughout. Elise maintains a consistent professionalism that made all the difference. I feel that I get what I need (to keep my body strong, balanced, and moving) each time-always an improvement. At this point, I have to modify and adapt many of the moves to accommodate my frame's limitations. It's never a problem: No judgement, no pain, always handled with respect. I feel better after EVERY SESSION. Thanks Elise, Elaine, and all who have given me such tender care!"

Pilates Intro Package

We will design a Pilates protocol for each student based on his or her needs. With this individual approach we are able to teach at all levels from injury recovery or disability through to serious athletes and dancers.
We are open for private sessions 6 days a week by appointment.



Private Pilates Sessions

Pilates is ideally taught in the classic private session. Upon completion of the package's 4 private sessions, each client and his or her instructor will decide if moving into a group class is appropriate, or if further private classes are advised. After the intro package, privates will be charged at the regular private session rate

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Our Team

Elise Bacon


Jeffrey Freeze



Our Rates

* All classes are 55 minutes.

* Payment is cash, check, or Venmo (to Pilates of New Paltz) only. We currently cannot take credit cards.

* All sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice are liable for full session charge.


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