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"I don't know what I would do without Pilates. Elise has gotten me through every injury and orthopedic surgery. I has helped me to rebuild my body after ongoing surgery and strengthened my core."
Adrienne (New Paltz)

Pilates benefits

  • Improved posture; look taller
  • More flexibility
  • Increased circulation
  • Coordination & balance
  • Stronger Lungs
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Toned body

Reformer Classes

Reformer classes:

 The Universal Reformer is the name that Joseph Pilates gave to the main piece of apparatus that he developed to complement his mat work series.  It is an ingenious design meant to provide both added support and added leveraging, increasing the potential for more stretching, strengthening, and balancing challenges.  For the beginning student this will mean that the body is in a more controlled position so as to better isolate and encourage healthier movement patterns.

            Participants work against spring resistance which is graded, based on individual strengths and the exercise itself.  Our dedicated and experienced teaching staff can provide each person with a full body exercise experience using the reformer as the main tool in the hour-long session.

12 North Chestnut St.
New Paltz, NY 12561

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