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"I came to Pilates of New Paltz to improve my osteoporosis and to help with stabilizing my pelvic floor. Both of those issues have improved and I feel great!"

Pilates benefits

  • Improved posture; look taller
  • More flexibility
  • Increased circulation
  • Coordination & balance
  • Stronger Lungs
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Toned body

Mat Classes

Mat Classes:  Pilates of New Paltz offers a flexible schedule of Pilates Mat classes throughout the week.  Class size is limited to maintain our high quality of instruction.

            The Pilates Mat work is a full body workout done on our specially designed Pilates mats.  Although no specific equipment is required to perform the exercises, the instructor may include "props" such as the Pilates Magic Circle, thereband, biofoam roller,small and large balls, small barrels, free weights, and/or a weighted bar.

            The mat work consists of a series of simple, beautifully designed exercises that systematically warm up the body from the deepest core muscles on to all muscles of the extremities.  Periodic stretching, balance, and control movements are included.

            TRX stands for Total Resistance eXercise.  We use straps attached to an anchor point to add both a support and an extra challenge. Our TRX/mat classes blend traditional pilates mat work with this newer innovative system to create an amazing full body workout experience.

            Our dedicated and highly experienced staff will guide the class through each exercise.  This insures that every participant is performing in a correct way leading to an energizing, challenging, and safe session.  Modifications are offered as needed.


Mat/TRX, Tower Class Schedule

Monday 9:30 am  (Elaine Hay) Mat
Monday 10:30 am (Elaine,Anneliese) Mat/TRX
Monday 5:30 pm  (Jeffrey Freeze) Mat
Monday 6:30 pm  (Jeffrey Freeze) Mat
Tuesday 4:30 pm (Elaine Hay) Mat/TRX
Wednesday 9:30 am (Elaine Hay) Mat/TRX
Thursday 10:30 am (Anneliese Mordhorst) Mat/TRX
Friday 7:00 am (Elise Bacon) Mat
Saturday 9:00 am (Anneliese Mordhorst) Tower

12 North Chestnut St.
New Paltz, NY 12561

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