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"I came to Pilates of New Paltz to improve my osteoporosis and to help with stabilizing my pelvic floor. Both of those issues have improved and I feel great!"

Pilates benefits

  • Improved posture; look taller
  • More flexibility
  • Increased circulation
  • Coordination & balance
  • Stronger Lungs
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Toned body

Physical Conditioning

Physical Conditioning:

            The Pilates Method of physical conditioning is a time-tested(80+ years) technique designed to systematically strengthen and stretch the body in a functional and complete way, along with training the mind to focus entirely on the work at hand.  As a general workout for the healthy individual, Pilates as practiced at Pilates of New Paltz awakens and strengthens "core" muscles, as well as any other under-used muscle groups.  The stretching is targeted to the tight and over-used areas, resulting in a beautifully functioning muscular system and a balanced and aligned skeletal system.  Participants leave sessions feeling exhilarated, energized. and ready to engage fully in any activities of their day.

            At Pilates of New Paltz, we look at each client as an individual, and sessions are directed in this way.  Just as there is no "generic" body, there can be no generic workout.  Our instructors are experts at decoding physical needs and designing the best approach for each individual.  Consequently, many people come to Pilates of New Paltz with specific issues such as injury recovery, chronic pain, or  recuperation after illness or childbirth.

            We are not physical therapists and cannot diagnose, but  we work closely with physical therapists and other medical professionals to design the best format  based on the needs and limitations of a participant with a health issue.

            Attaining a higher level of athletic performance for athletes and dancers is a hallmark of the Pilates Method.  At PNP we understand the importance of this type of cross-training and offer sessions for these individuals that challenge strength, endurance, flexibility, and control.  Pilates has long been considered the "secret weapon" of many high-performing athletes and dancers.


12 North Chestnut St.
New Paltz, NY 12561

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